Whenever I’m in New York I always make it a point to reward myself (and my body) by getting a massage from Nick.
Nick is one of the best! While he’s working on you, he constantly checks in to see how you're feeling and always sets a comfortable vibe. His warm smile, great personality and strong hands make his work an award-winning combination! I am a working dancer/choreographer. My body is constantly taking a beating. Whether I’m on stage, enrolled in a class, or on a flight overseas, my body has done it all. I have seen a lot of massage therapists but honestly Nick ranks among the top!
His technique and strong intuition for the human body have made him one of the best massage therapist on the scene today.

- Lane N.

Nick is the best! I have serious neck, shoulders and lower back soreness from my job, and he is able to work out those muscle attachments every time when he massages me. After every session, I feel rejuvenated and on cloud nine! He has in depth knowledge about human body and plus he is able to treat the problem area with his strong, compassionate hands. Did I mention he also has a happy and optimistic personality? His infectious laughter puts you at ease and in a good mood right away. I highly recommend him, you will leave each session feeling like a new person!

- Snow

I have been seeing Nick as my massage therapist for over 3 years.  He offers a wide variety of massage techniques and is very skilled at his profession.  He has helped me through soreness and injury.  He always listens to my problem areas and adjusts his technique as he works on my body.  I always leave the massage feeling relaxed and refreshed.  Nick’s passion and education are evident and are part of the reason I continue to see him and refer him to friends.  Try his services.  You deserve a quality massage from a great guy!

- Stephen F

I’ve been seeing Nick for quite a while now. With two herniated discs I’m in a lot of pain and nothing makes me better longer-term than massage sessions. Because of this I’ve had hundreds of massages all over the world, but none are as good as Nick’s. He knows exactly how to address all my body’s issues and I see him once a month to keep in check. Additionally, whenever I have friends or colleagues in town, I recommend Nick, so he’s taking care of my visitors as well.
Knowing how much better he makes my body feel, I cannot recommend Nick enough. You will not regret it!! And the fact that he can come to my apartment with his massage table is something I truly appreciate.

- Anders L

I was glad to find a person that knows what they are doing. My shoulders and neck always stiff and I know every time I come to him he finds out another trigger points and releases stiffness by his techniques. I'm very happy finally I find who I was looking for. He definitely knows what he is doing. Knowledgeable each muscles he is working on. I would definitely recommend Nick and refer him to friends, for sure.

- Alyssa M